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Rose Classic Super Jam 2018

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Rose Classic alumnae

Class of
College / University
Bria  Smith
2011 University of Louisville
Briyona  Canty
2011 Rutgers University
Jasmine  Jackson
2011 Georgetown University
Tatiana  Wilson
2011 St. Bonaventure University
Nia  Oden
2011 University of Illinois, Champaign
Alexis  Smith
2011 University of Illinois, Champaign
Alexandra  Leftridge
2011 University of New Hampshire
Sade  Jackson
2010 Adelphi University
Alicia  Cropper
2010 Providence College
Shayra  Brown
2010 Boston College
Ka-Deidre  Simmons
2010 Seton Hall University
Jewel  Tunstull
2010 Northeastern University
Rachel  Coffey
2010 Syracuse University
Cece  Dixon
2010 St. Bonaventure University
Sabrina  Jeridore
2010 Iona College
Ranika  Ransford
2010 Georgia
Desiree'  Simmons
2010 Long Island University, Brooklyn Campus
Danielle  Pearson
2010 Providence College
Kristen  Doherty
2010 Boston College
Doris  Ortega
2010 St. Bonaventure University
Maggie  Lucas
2010 Penn State
Jennifer  O'Neil
2010 University of Kentucky
Jasmine  Robinson
2010 St. Francis College (New York)
Kyra  Aloizos
2010 Binghamton University SUNY
Bria  Hartley
2010 University of Connecticut
Janine  Davis
2009 George Washington University
Jennifer  Blanding
2009 St. Johns University
China  Crosby
2009 University of Virginia
Iesha  Walker
2009 University of South Carolina
Amanda  Burkowski
2009 St. Johns University
Christine  Huber
2009 Northeastern University
Tahira  Johnson
2009 University of South Florida
Nadeira  McKenneth
2009 Kent State
Milan  Germany
2009 Marshall University
Terry  Greene
2009 Seton Hall University
Janeice  Johnson
2009 University of Kentucky
Eugenia  McPherson
2009 St. Johns University
Jael  Pena
2008 Chicago State University
Christine  Lasane
2008 University of Memphis
Shakeya  Leary
2008 Syracuse University
Danielle  Iervolino
2008 Northeastern University
Alexa  Roche
2008 Georgetown University
Rashedah  henriques
2008 Marshall University
Elon  Sidney
2008 Kent State
Jordan  Walker
2008 Manhattan College
Samantha  Prahalis
2008 Ohio State University
Anjale  Barrett
2007 University of Maryland, College Park
Becky  Peters
2007 Fordham University
Erica  Morrow
2007 Syracuse University
Janea  Aiken
2007 University at Albany
Kristina  Ford
2007 Iona College
Sky  Lyndsay
2007 Kent State
Misha  Joseph
2007 Fairfield University
Marissa  Flagg
2007 Iona College
Wykemia  Grey
2007 Winthrop University
Tasha  Harris
2007 Syracuse University
Michelle  Pacheco
2006 Manhattan College
Kenya  Kirkland
2006 Georgetown University
Epiphany  Prince
2006 Rutgers University
Brittany  Ray
2006 Rutgers University
Nicole  Michael
2006 Syracuse University

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Rose Classic provides opportunities for young athletes to play basketball at highly competitive levels and assisting each athlete in their growth and development on the court and with their educational and social skills.

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