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Rose Classic

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Tournament: Rose Classic Atlanta 2019
Date(s): 06/20/2019 - 06/23/2019

Please complete the information below correctly and please remember that usernames and passwords are case sensitive. Carefully enter your email which will be your username and also enter your password. This will be needed to complete your application if you can not complete it at this time. In the event you lose or dont remember your password you will be able to have it sent to the email address (username) on record. So please use a valid email address.

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In this section you will add the individual teams that will be attending this event. Please fill in all the fields below and click on the green plus button to add a team. Repeat the process until you have entered all the teams that will be attending the event and then click on the "Save Registration" button.

Please NOTE**If you have a coach that coaches more than one team participating in this event you must enter them individually and use the same email address in order for the system to be able to differentiate between the 2 teams. This will prevent the system from scheduling the coach of two or more teams to play within the same time slot.

If you are an administrator and do not have the coaches proper email address PLEASE DO NOT USE YOUR OWN EMAIL! It will prevent the system from scheduling you properly. Add only yourself and once you have all the info log in to the participants log in and add the teams with the proper coaches email address and coaching information

Below are the teams you have entered in this event. To remove a team click on the minus sign to the right. To add another team or a special team not regularly in your organization, fill in all the info in the "Add Teams" fields above. Once you have submitted the teams you will be able to add your rosters in the next section under "Teams".

Added Teams

Please verify all information provided on this form is accurate. This information will be necessary in the event the tournament director needs to reach you for more information about your teams.
Note: The information contained within the referenced, linked, or directed tournament communication is intended to be a confidential communication between the registrant and tournament director and is to be treated as confidential. All works, ideas, or copy within are copyrighted by D1Scout LLC., and are not to be used in any manner other than they were intended by D1Scout LLC.. If you need more information, please contact support@d1scout.com
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